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DESIGN EXCHANGE for The Ali Forney Center

For over a decade The Ali Forney Center has provided safe havens for homeless LGBTQ youth while teaching them to become independent, empowering them with the tools needed to get back on their feet. DESIGN EXCHANGE recognizes the importance of aesthetics and healing. DESIGN EXCHANGE is transforming the living space at one of The Ali Forney Center’s Brooklyn shelter sites. Neuroscientists and Psychologists have proven that the aesthetics of one’s surroundings directly affect our decisions, emotional responses, and the way we feel about ourselves. A person’s living environment acts as the foundation for building a life. By providing these youth with a well designed environment, we improve their quality of life, their outlook, and their self esteem; increasing their chances of success. DESIGN EXCHANGE creates environments which foster growth, development, and a sense of well-being.

The design palette consists of warm walnut, brown leathers, rich aubergine textiles, classic marble, and lush green vegetation. Stay tuned for before and after photographs!

Click here to read more about DESIGN EXCHANGE.

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