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Early Redesign Plans for a Brooklyn House Renovation

A Sneak peek into the early stages of a complete redesign of a Brooklyn home that was damaged by a fire. It’s the beginning of the renovation process and Sean worked to with the client extrapolate their desired aesthetic for the new exterior which includes subtle characteristics from the Byzantine Empire, Post Renaissance, Colonial Spanish and Italian Architecture.

Sean’s take on integrating the above style into the space is that if one is going to bring in these classic elements and have them read properly, they need to be integrated in the proper scale (large). Often classic architecture is brought in at the incorrect scale and reads superficial and tawdry. The concept of the interior is to integrate classic architecture in a streamlined manner with updated large scale modern furniture and furnishings throughout. Some highlights include a custom 14′ x 14′ sofa and a custom 16′ dining room table.

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