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Office Space

We work closely with our clients to distinguish their goals, culture, and work templates in order to develop a well-informed design that benefits all aspects of their trade.  

Technology has changed the way we work, collaborate, and occupy space.  It's imperative to provide team members with a variety of opportunities for shifting body positions throughout the workday -- The living office.

  • Interior Design, Architecture, & Ergonomics 

  • Spatial identity and branding implementation 

  • Space efficiency and programming

  • Furniture specifications and standards


Our methods of design marry function, style and visceral appeal.  We believe a well-designed environment should stimulate the senses.

From the big picture to the last detail, we work strategically and collaboratively to import innovation, sophistication, function and comfort into your renovation.

  • Interior Design & Architecture

  • Custom furniture and built-in elements

  • Furniture plan/layout

  • Efficiency analysis


A well-informed design generates higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage and transactions.

We work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and continuous performance.  We craft unique, emotionally engaging environments tailored uniquely to each end user’s need.

Our team develops names, identities and brand platforms that connect people to brands.

  • Retail & showroom design

  • Fixture & furniture design

  • Brand identity and communication design

Real Estate
  • Feasibility studies

  • Apartment staging

  • Marketing layouts and plans (rental and sales)

  • Tenant layouts and construction drawings

  • Lobby + building redesign and restoration

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