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DESIGN EXCHANGE Updates a Single Mother's Apartment

Just in time for the holidays, Design Exchange – a new model for social innovation within the architecture and design field, has gifted its inaugural project (redesign + furniture) for an NYC family in need. Designers Sean Carlson Perry and Amy Hill transformed a single mother’s outdated and mismatched apartment into a vibrant space that truly reflects her personality.

The recipient of this project, Bonita, originally connected with Design Exchange through Bottomless Closet, a Design Exchange partner. Bonita, a single mother and a cancer survivor who, like so many, experienced prolonged unemployment after the 2008 downturn, was someone who had never dreamed of having the opportunity or resources to redesign the space she and her daughter shared for so many years.

Upon their initial meeting with Bonita, the designers immediately recognized she was a incredibly caring and vivacious women with an infectious personality. Their goal was to create a space that was as welcoming and colorful as Bonita herself. After the initial consultation where the design team learned Bonita loved magenta and pink, the designers began the design process which focused on weaving sophisticated hints of the above colors into a clean, crisp, and modern design. A few key pieces include FLOR’s “Mod Cow” rug with magenta accents, custom magenta pillows covers (made by Sean & Amy), and a vintage John Stuart armchair.

All of the labor for the project was completed by Sean and Amy, along with a crew of dedicated volunteers. They removed the existing carpet, painted, assembled and placed furniture and accessories over the course of three weekends. Design Exchange could not be happier with what they accomplished in such a short time, and could have not finished the project without donations and discounts from the following Design Exchange Partners: FLOR – Carpet for a Cause, All Modern, and Aaron Thompson Photography.

“Neuro-scientists and psychologists have proven that the aesthetics of one’s surroundings directly affect our decisions, emotional responses, and the way we feel about ourselves. A person’s home/living environment acts as the foundation for building a life. By providing someone with a well-designed environment, we improve their quality of life, their outlook, and their self esteem; increasing their chances of success.” – Sean Carlson Perry

Photography by Aaron Thompson

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