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Fresh Window "Holy Cow"

Alexandre Joly, creator of the “Untitled” animal like forms above states “The notion of landscape is very important within my work, the landscape appears like the aura of a piece, in the sense that the object that I present is part of an imaginary landscape. This gymnastic of the mind operates in different ways from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the technical to the natural. The same idea can also be found in my way of approaching sounds, often it appeals to a certain kind of hearing – attentive and sensible; the sound rhythms the landscape in the same way as do the colors and materials.” “Untitled” is composed of cowhides, Moroccan rugs and fiberglass. The undersides are finished with an iridescent gold coating.

Utilizing a series of hand drawn hatch strokes Andrea Moreau creates scenes from around the globe. Andrea states ” I want each drawing to be a record of an individual point of view bumping up against an official printed document. Very rarely am I able to see a drawing through to its conclusion in one sitting. More often, a drawing will take me anywhere from a week to a month to finish. I never know how it’s going to look until it’s done. I believe that “place” is experienced subjectively and that a hundred different people will experience the same place in a hundred different ways. Fantasy, misunderstanding, and varying levels of historical awareness all shape our perception of place, which is something I explore through my work”. Andrea’s work is composed of postage stamps and colored pencil on paper.

Andrea and Alexandre’s work is currently on exhibit at Fresh Window in Brooklyn.

Fresh Window is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to exhibiting artists that encourage a broader awareness. The exhibitions are aimed to give the viewer a sense of marvel at everyday situations, lifting them out of the mundane into the extraordinary through the work of innovative, sensitive and critical artists. The first exhibit titled “Holy Cow” features several hand selected works which are aimed to give the viewer a broader awareness of our natural surroundings.

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